Crazy April Fools Pranks

25 Crazy April Fools’ Pranks For Family And Friends

What better way to spend the day than laughing? April Fool’s Day is said to have began when the Julian calendar was supplanted by the Gregorian calendar in 1582. However, three other stories surround the origin of the day. Regardless of your source, let’s see if we can pull off these April Fool’s Day pranks by making some good-natured crafts.

April Fools’ Day pranks have gone disastrously wrong, resulting in arrests, firings, breakups, and even one that nearly led to a war! April Fool’s Day has been celebrated for 500 years, and it is the most anticipated and most hated day of the year.

Let’s make some April Fools Day crafts that everyone will enjoy after a good laugh with our DIY supplies.


You can prank your family and friends with these classic April Fools Day crafts. Since they’re easy to make, you’ve already gotten off to a great start. 


Has anyone in your family still drank juice directly from the box? Perhaps somebody needs to learn a lesson the hard way. This is the best prank a mom can pull on her kids.

What to bring

  • Liquid box empty
  • A balloon of small size
  • You can color the food with food coloring (optional)


  1. Juice boxes should be opened at the bottom.
  2. You need to stick the balloon into the open mouth of the juice box, ensuring that its opening is on the mouth of the box.
  3. Place the cap on the balloon after it has been filled with water. Pull the juice box up after it has been taped back down. 
  4. The juice box needs to be placed in the refrigerator. 

An expert’s tips for pranksters

For a more entertaining prank, color the water with food coloring. 

2. Prank based on SOAP

The soap must work if you want to wash your hands, but what if it doesn’t? Pranksters who are germaphobe and OCD will enjoy this prank. Before everything goes wrong, just make sure to keep a real soap on hand. His mother made him take off the nail polish, so he thought the stunt was genius. He must have just gotten pranked on the prankster. What a joke!

What to bring

  • This bar of soap is brand new
  • Polish with a red base
  • Spout for scooping up melon balls
  • The ball of cotton (optional)
  • If you would like to use red food coloring, do so.


  1. Apply red nail polish to a fresh bar of soap. Ensure the nail polish is matte, so it does not appear glossy. 

An expert’s tips for pranksters

To create a hole, use a ball scoop to carefully cut the soap. Put a cotton ball with some red food coloring inside the hole after adding a few drops of food coloring. Stick the scooped-out soap back into the hole with hot glue. Food coloring bleeds through the soap if it gets wet. 


bathroom prank with a spider

There are three ways to perform this trick. If you’re scared of creepy crawlies, this classic spider prank will make you scream like a kitten. There was that one time he ran out of the bathroom and someone peed on his pants, nearly punching everyone he was laughing with.  

Getting Started

  • The toilet paper roll
  • Black Sharpie or a toy spider
  • If you wish, you can use white thread


Drawing a spider using a black Sharpie on the toilet paper is Option 1.

You could also use a realistic-looking web to adorn the toilet paper holder. Make sure it’s adhered with hot glue to prevent it from unraveling. 

The third option is: 

  1. A black Sharpie can be used to draw two tiny spiders. Ensure that they fit together. 
  2. Then, before gluing the two cutouts together, insert a piece of thread between them. 
  3. Four to five squares of toilet paper should be unrolled, the spider and thread placed, and then it should be rolled back again. Whenever someone uses the toilet paper, ensure that the spider falls off. 

An expert’s tips for pranksters

You can do a lot with a little creativity. Leave this wooden box on the bathroom sink instead of a spider on the toilet paper. Curiosity will be piqued when they discover what’s inside. The spider will jump out as soon as they open it!


There is always at least one artist in every family, who sketches or does doodles all the time. However, imagine how their face looks when a colored sketch is used instead of an eraser to fix the imperfections! April Fool’s Day pranks should be played when the victim doesn’t have his eraser handy so the crayons can dry. 

Here is a list of everything you will need

  • Used by the victim was a rubber eraser
  • To make your own eraser, use the same color crayon as your eraser


  1. Two minutes in the microwave should soften a crayon.
  2. The eraser should be dipped into it and allowed to dry.

An expert’s tip for being a prankster

To prevent damage to the actual artwork, make a clear copy of the drawing or doodle the victim is working on via a photocopier. 


This card is one of the classic April Fools Day crafts you can make for your family and friends. Kids will love to deliver their cards to a favorite uncle or aunt and grandparent. Though the older recipients can guess what’s inside, it will still bring out peals of laughter.

Things You’ll Need

  • Different colors of construction paper
  • Different colors of 2/5-inch satin ribbon
  • April Fools Day stickers
  • Glue


  1. Prepare your construction paper according to these dimensions: 3 x 5″, 4 x 6″, 5 x 7″, 6 x 8″, 7 x 9″, 8 x 10″, 9 x 12″. Print out each of the pieces on a separate piece of construction paper.
  2. Post-its or construction paper cut to 2 x 2 inches will work for the prank message. April Fools crafts stickers can also be used instead. 
  3. Fold each card so the edges meet at the half-point, making sure the card’s center is at the center.
  4. Set aside the cards after you have tied a ribbon around them. 
  5. The cards should be stacked on top of each other. Stick the second largest card on top of the largest card, allowing a margin of 12 inches around the card. Leave the ribbons on and glue the second largest card onto the largest card. 
  6. Once you have assembled all the cards, open the second card and repeat Step 5 a second time. The ribbons should be aligned evenly. 
  7. Tying the ribbon closes each card. Make sure you do not reveal the actual message inside the outermost piece. You can decorate it with hearts. 

Pro Tip from the Prankster

A popping card will surprise your recipient. Create the card by folding a piece of construction paper accordion style. Place an emoji in the center of the card and adhere it so the emoji will pop out when opened.


What to bring

  • Eyes with googly pupils
  • Bath towel color matching washcloth size 12″ x 12″
  • Dark towel for the bath, if possible
  • Clips attached to holder


  1. The rolls of a bath towel should meet at the center when rolled on both ends. Turn the towel inside out, then fold it in half.
  2. Keep the towel’s edges firmly in place. Each roll will have four limbs once you pull out the two edges on the ends.
  3. Turn the sloth over and arrange the overlapping edges near the center of the belly. Let it rest. 
  4. Take the triangle’s edges and bring them together to make a square by bringing them to the triangle’s center tip. 
  5. Make a square by turning it over and folding in half. Turn the square over once more and fold it to make another triangle. 
  6. The washcloth should be arranged so that it looks like a face with long, floppy ears. Make the eyes googly. 
  7. A skirt hanger can be used to hang the sloth towel. Make sure the head and body of the sloth are in alignment.  

Pro Tip for Pranksters

Insert a glow stick beneath the sloth’s head and turn it on. Let the glow stick do its work while the light is off in the bathroom. If someone enters the bathroom, place the sloth there so that it is the first thing they see.


You can also fool your friends with this classic prank if they can’t live without their smartphones. You friend won’t be rattled too much by his cracked screen wallpaper, but others may. Give him an authentic cracked phone look by adding some textured wallpaper to his phone. You can attach the screen protector using double-sided tape, which won’t damage your phone’s screen.   

What to bring

  • Protect the screen of your friend’s phone with a screen protector (use the same type).
  • Tape with two sides 


  1. Use the hammer to crack the screen protector. 
  2. Use double-sided tape to attach it to the mobile phone. 

An expert’s tip for being a prankster

Glue the nail’s tip on the phone screen by sawing off the tip from a 2″ nail. 


This is a great April Fools Day craft to make if you like to watch your friends jump out of their skin. The best person to pull this prank on is your roommate who loves tricks. To help prevent shrinkage, make sure you use durable balloons and tie them well.

Here are the things you’ll need

  • It’s a balloon
  • Pinchpins
  • Tape for ductwork
  • Inflating balloons


  1. Fill your balloons with air, at least three of them. 
  2. Duct tape folded in half is a good way to adhere the balloons to the door.
  3. The balloons will pop when the door opens, so position your pushpin so that it pops when the door opens. Duct tape or hot glue will work fine. 
  4. The first few times you use it, you will need to make sure it works. 
  5. Tape the other end of the thread to the door to support the balloon, so it does not droop.


Gifts are a great way to express our gratitude to others. As a gift, kids can make a beautiful box like this one for their friends as part of the April Fools Day crafts. Explosion boxes are great, but we filled them with treats for the kids instead of pictures like most do. It’s possible we got away with something even bigger there, but who knows?

What to bring

  • Boxes that were used
  • Cutting 
  • Bands made of rubber
  • Glue that burns
  • Toothpicks
  • Paints or Sharpies in various colors
  • Embroidery
  • Candy
  • Fieff
  • Inkstickers


  1. You will need a piece of cardboard measuring 24 x 24 cm. Make nine squares measuring 3 x 3 cm. 
  2. Cut out the four corners of the square. Make a 1/8-inch score around the box’s edge 
  3. Puncture a hole through the center of each flap. 
  4. Rubber bands should be inserted into the hole and toothpicks should be used to secure them on the outside. The rubber band needs to be stuck through the hole one the other side of the box.
  5. Do the same thing on the other side. 
  6. To construct the lid, you will need to cut a 9 x 9 cm cardboard piece, and to construct the siding, a 2 x 37 cm cardboard strip. Make the cardboard strip ridged by removing the top layer. 
  7. The cardboard strip should be hot glued to the lid. 
  8. Use acrylic paint or Sharpies to decorate your box. Inside the box should be the side with the toothpick. 
  9. Make sure to include stickers and confetti in the box. A shower of confetti and treats will fall from the package when the lid is removed.

Pro Tip for Pranksters

Add a toy spider or beetle into the box for an added surprise for your friends and kids. 


The following is another classic prank most people won’t even consider until it’s too late. While technically it’s not a craft, we can’t help ourselves but include it since it’s so simple yet so mean. If you have been cramming with work and have built up frustration, this is a perfect choice for you. 

Modeling clay and stickers are all you need here. All you have to do is cover the sensor. This is the ideal prank! If only they don’t throw the perfectly functioning mouse!


Have you ever realized you don’t have your keys as you are walking out of the door? You probably know that’s annoying, but it’s even more irritating if you find keys or key fobs hidden among hundreds of balloons.

What to bring

  • It’s a balloon
  • Pump for the hand
  • Decorative cones (optional)
  • Treatments 


  1. Make balloon bouquets filled with small candies, chocolate bars, wafer bars, and the key fob. Take one balloon from each color to fill with treats if you have four or five different colors of balloons. 
  2. Balloons should be inflated and thrown around the house. 

Here are a few tips for pranksters:

Fill the balloons with confetti or spritz them with Liquid Ass if you want to make the prank messier. The house will be awfully stinky, so take some time to air it out. By adding some fake cat poop from item #25, you can tone it down a bit. 


It’s movie night, and my friend who eats popcorn like it’s nothing is coming over. You can trick him into thinking popcorn is for sharing by telling him a joke. Make sure you serve the popcorn in individual containers so that nobody gets suspicious. 

What to bring

  • Cornflakes
  • Movie theater popcorn box
  • Thread or needle and string


  1. Follow the package instructions for making popcorn. After cooling, serve.
  2. Use a needle and thread to string your popcorn. Using monofilament fishing line will prevent the thread from being easily visible as it is not readily visible.
  3. Put it into your popcorn boxes then drizzle cheese powder or your favorite popcorn seasoning over it. 

Pro Tip for Pranksters

Subtly. Keep the tension high by not making other pranks. 


You can take your family and friends for a funny ride by making these nasty April Fools Day crafts. Don’t tell anyone about your projects so they’ll be surprised.


Wouldn’t it be nice if we could prank our friends before Halloween? Be careful not to end up in the ER with this parking lot practical joke, or you may end up in the ER.

What to bring

  • A mannequin hand pain Cut off sleeves for sweaters
  • Cutoff sleeves for sweaters
  • A stuffing of polyester
  • Glue that burns


  1. Fill the sweater sleeve cutoffs with your mannequin’s hands. 
  2. To keep the hands in place, hot glue was used on the sweater’s cuffs. 
  3. The sleeves of the sweater should be stuffed with polyester stuffing and sealed with hot glue. 
  4. Hold the steering wheel in place with the hands, using double-sided tape. 
  5. Attach tape to the sides of the car seat so the hands won’t fall off.  

Pro Tip for Pranksters

Make people curious to check on your car by draping something on your side mirrors. This will make them frightened. Your car’s alarm can also be activated when someone approaches the vehicle. When you pull this prank, make sure you are somewhere near (or maybe even with your friends). 

14. “CAKE POP” from Brussels sprouts

Especially among kids, Brussels sprouts are the most hated vegetable. Depending on their taste, some people are predisposed to dislike certain foods genetically. The April Fools Day craft that pranks supertasters the most is this recipe. 

Brussels sprouts, by their very nature, are bitter. If you try to hide that bitterness with chocolate, it might not even work. Because it induces bloating and gassiness, you should avoid it if you have a sensitive stomach. A prankster’s pro tip isn’t even necessary as the joke is already nasty.    

What to brin Brussels sprouts in their whole form g

  • Brussels sprouts in their whole form
  • Chocolat blanc
  • Cocoa nibs
  • Grasshoppers (optional) with chocolate sprinkles
  • Popcorn sticks


  1. Brussel sprouts should be poked with a popsicle stick. 
  2. Then, rinse the Brussels sprouts in ice water to stop the cooking process after 2 minutes of blanching in slightly salted water.
  3. Set aside to dry on a paper towel.
  4. Divide the dark chocolate and white chocolate between two bowls and microwave them separately.
  5. Let the chocolate dry before dipping the brussel sprout lollies into it.
  6. Drizzle some chocolate over the pops to make them more festive. Sprinkles can be added to chocolate while it is still wet.

15. Oreos with a minty flavor

A classic recipe to serve at a dinner party. It would look more authentic if served with milk, and no one will suspect. Make it without much effort, and people will immediately fall for it. It’s among the easiest April Fool’s Day crafts to make. Everyone loves Oreo cookies, right? 

What to bring

  • Cookie oreos
  • Mouthwash 


  1. Each Oreo sandwich should have the center cream filling removed. Additionally, other Oreo flavors can be used without raising suspicion: strawberry, lemon creme, brownie, and carrot cake.  
  2. Put minty toothpaste in the hole and put the other half of the cookie sandwich back together. 

Pro tip from a prankster:

Wouldn’t it be great if you could add a few chopped mint leaves, matcha, or even wasabi to the toothpaste cream? Opinions?


Even though Halloween isn’t until several months from now, why not start scaring your friends now? Create glowing eyes as part of your party decors for April Fools’ Day as you cap off the day’s events. Bring in some fright where nobody expects it by playing a scary prank on them. 

What to bring

  • Paper rolls for toilets
  • Cutters
  • Glue
  • Lightsticks


  1. Your toilet paper rolls will look creepy with creepy eyes. Be careful when cutting them out. 
  2. Put glow sticks in toilet paper rolls after activating them.
  3. Make the “eyes” look as if they are staring right into the viewer’s eyes. 

Pro tip from a prankster: 

Utilize these LED balls that emit eerie sounds to take the prank to the next level.


Would you like to know what’s underneath the toilet lid? There’s a possibility that someone flushed incorrectly and left a gross item, or the toilet seat may be wet because someone couldn’t lift it earlier. 

You’ll be shocked to see your friend’s face when he opens the toilet lid and discovers a gaping monster’s mouth waiting. Just hope he wasn’t holding his pee when he opened the lid.

What to bring

  • You can print out dinosaurs, sharks, or crocodiles
  • Glue


  1. Make your print scary by choosing an animal with its teeth, jaws, or fangs exposed. 
  2. The document should be printed on two A4 sheets of bond paper.
  3. The image should not be distorted as you tape it together.
  4. Cut off any extra paper and slip the printout under the toilet set. 

Here are a few tips for pranksters:

In the flush bowl, add a couple of drops of red soap dye. A stunned person gets “bloodied” water instead of the monster’s gaping mouth after getting over the shock.


How would you feel when you’re too hungry and craving for some fast food only to end up munching on something sweet? Anyone with a sweet tooth will love this prank. It’s even better if you can sneak just a few in the actual meal, so the surprise is more authentic. 

What to bring

  • Cake made with vanilla extract
  • Frost
  • Chocolate that is white (optional)
  • Granola crunched


  1. Make a cake puree by crushing some vanilla cake. 
  2. Make a dough by adding frosting and mixing. In case of crumbly dough, add more frosting.
  3. You can form nuggets out of a tablespoon of cake. Put the nuggets in the refrigerator for 15 minutes. 
  4. Melt white chocolate or cake frosting in the microwave.
  5. Roll the chicken nuggets in crushed Grahams and dip them in frosting or white chocolate. Cool.  
  6. You can serve some fake nuggets underneath the real nuggets and see what your friends think. 

Tip for Pranksters 

You can take your trick one step further by mixing red cake frosting and corn syrup together and serving as catsup. When he takes a bite of the fake chicken nugget, your friend will think the trick is on him. 


A bursting pi*ata cake is the perfect way to celebrate your girlfriend’s birthday. pi*ata cake is the perfect way to celebrate your girlfriend’s birthday. birthday cake is the perfect way to celebrate your girlfriend’s birthday. Pi*ata cakes gained popularity in 2023. You get a variety of treats, including chocolate, gummies, and fruits, instead of the usual cake. Rather than hitting it with a mallet, try it with a knife.

What to bring

  • Chips made from white chocolate 
  • Colored food in pink
  • Pi*ata mold made from silicone
  • Ballons
  • Treatments 


  1. Melt white chocolate in the microwave to make the pi*ata. 
  2. If you want the color pink (or any other you like), add a few drops. Stir. If you want a marbled effect, you can also mix some food coloring into lighter chocolate. 
  3. Using a silicone pastry brush, spread some of the chocolate evenly to the sides of the silicone mold. Do the same for the other half. Let it cool until it can be assembled.
  4. Air (or water) should be pumped into a balloon. The chocolate should be painted on and chilled for 10 minutes to set. 
  5. Placing the balloon on top of the treats in the chocolate bowl will help the balloon stay in place. Once the spheres are complete, stick them together by placing a few chocolate points around the bottom of the globe. 
  6. Seal it with a ribbon. Add some frosting for a festive look. 


Is there something on the table to look forward to? Moldy cookies aren’t appealing, no matter if they’re chocolate chip or not. Anyhow, this recipe makes two batches of cookies – one for kids and one for those adults who can handle some nasty things.

What to bring

  • Butter, 12 oz
  • Granulated sugar, 12 cups
  • Food coloring in the color of moss
  • Egg one
  • Approximately one cup of flour
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons. Sodium bicarbonate
  • Chocolate chips in a cup
  • Sanding sugar, soft green, 14 cups


  1. Set the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  2. Add 2-3 drops of moss green food coloring to the sugar and butter, then cream together.
  3. Combine the egg with the flour.
  4. Once you have a firm dough, combine the sifted flour and baking soda.
  5. In a separate bowl, place a handful of the dough. Reserve.
  6. Combine the chocolate chips with the dough in a mixing bowl. Set aside until chilled, about 15 minutes.
  7. Knead the dough again after adding more green food coloring.
  8. Drop a small pinch of the greener dough into the sanding sugar, then roll it into a ball. Bake the mixture on a parchment-lined baking sheet, then place it in the freezer to freeze. 
  9. Fill a baking tray lined with a silicone baking sheet with your chilled cookie dough. 
  10. Press the frozen green balls on the chocolate chip cookies by cutting them in half. Sanding sugar gives it a slightly glossy, but gross, appearance, and will cause the frozen balls to cook differently.  

Pro tip from a prankster:

Use black beans instead of chocolate chips to give this cookie a serious gag factor.


We rounded up some next-level pranks and crafts for April Fools Day you won’t regret pulling even once. Others are pure evil, while others have a naughty twist.


You may have to share your personal items with your roommate if you live with a roommate. Would your deodorant be an example? Now it’s time for a dose of their sleight of hand. Do not be alarmed; your friend will not be harmed. Getting rid of the body butter will probably require lots of hot showers. Exactly what they deserve for using others’ toiletries.   

What to bring

  • Liquid 
  • Approximately 12 sticks of butter


  1. Microwave the butter to melt it. 
  2. In a bowl, combine the lotion and butter. Stir to combine. 
  3. In the lotion bottle, pour the lotion-butter mixture. 


Did you ever wonder how someone could become so skilled at removing their teeth? The dentures in the denture solution were created to prank your friends. Leaving your dentures out, in plain view of your guests, is a great way to show them how careless you are.

What to bring

  • Condensed milk sweetened with honey
  • Cheese of any kind
  • Glucosamine
  • Apricot or apple juice
  • Glucose
  • Sodium citrate 
  • Alternatively, you can use vanilla extract
  • Pink food coloring or raspberry jello for the gums
  • Tooth mold made from silicone


  1. After blooming the gelatin in cold water, add hot water and stir. Once you have cooled the gelatin thoroughly, divide it into three bowls.  
  2. The condensed milk should be mixed with the cream cheese, then half the gelatin should be added. Mixture should then be placed into denture mold. Set aside.
  3. The other half of the gelatin can be colored with raspberry jello or pink food coloring. Insert the denture mold with the colored gelatin over the teeth. 
  4. Add the citric acid, sugar, and water to the pot. After a few minutes, add the rest of the bloomed gelatin. Let sit for at least one minute. 
  5. You can put “dentures” into a glass of light blue jello and then fill it with light blue jello. Refrigerate. 

Pro tip from a prankster:

Make your kids eat these dentures in front of your guests while they sit on the couch. Well-meaning adults will surely try to remove it from their hands, leaving a wailing child and you clutching at the center of your chest while you giggle your heart out. 


Planting their favorite flowers and vegetables is a favorite gardening activity at this time. Would it be funny if you ate soil and earthworms to prank them? It is best to pick up a mold of earthworms with wriggling motions so it looks more realistic.

What to bring

  • A chocolaty cake
  • Caffeine
  • Lactose
  • Glucose
  • Glucosamine
  • A bendable straw or earthworm mold


  1. In a cup, whisk together milk, instant coffee, sugar, and gelatin. Heat.
  2. Fill the mold with earthworms. If you have some bendable straws, you can place them in the bottom of a small glass and pour the coffee over them. 
  3. Make a garden-like effect by crumbling some chocolate cake into a bowl.
  4. Spread the earthworm over the cake after it has been unmolded. 

Pro tip from a prankster:

Trying not to gag at your new soil fetish, your friend admires your “earthworms and soil” fetish. Wondering if you have pica, your friend bites onto those “earthworms and soil.”. 


Pets are loved by everyone, but picking up dog poop is not fun. There was no better way to celebrate April Fools Day than to play a classic April Fools’ Day prank on someone else with a pet.

What to bring

  • Corn flakes, 1 cup
  • Approximately one cup dark chocolate chips
  • Approximately 12 cups of peanut butter


  1. Pulverize only enough so that the corn flakes are crushed.
  2. Put peanut butter and chocolate chips in a pan and heat until the chocolate chips melt. 
  3. Once the crushed corn flakes are well incorporated, add them to the mix.
  4. You should make the “dog poop” on a baking dish lined with wax paper. Chill the dish for ten to twenty five minutes to set. 

Tip from a prankster 

You can add a few drops of Liquid Ass to make it smell like real poop if you don’t want to eat it. It would make a great toilet gag if you left it on the seat. Ouch!


To make this prank for your friends, we thought we would include cat lovers. There may be cat “poop” made from Tootsie Rolls in this cake, but it’s actually a really yummy treat. If your friends notice a full litter box on the table, you must have your camera ready so you can capture their reactions! 

What to bring

  • Liquid waste tray, liners, scoop
  • You will need 1 box of Spice or Chocolate Cake
  • Vanilla cake in one box 
  • There is one package of White sandwich cookies
  • Vanilla pudding, one large package
  • Coloring food with green
  • Tootsie Rolls, 12 small


  1. Pulse white sandwich cookies in a food processor. 
  2. Add a few drops of green food coloring to one cup of the crushed cookie sandwich. Let it sit. 
  3. The remaining cookie sandwich and chocolate cake should also be crumbled. Combine all of the ingredients thoroughly.
  4. Ten seconds in the microwave should be enough to soften the Tootsie Rolls. Poop them on your cat. 
  5. Place the mixture of the chocolate-vanilla cake and cookie sandwich into the litter box.
  6. Spread a few crushed cookie sandwiches with greenish color over the cake mixture. 
  7. Put a few “kitty poop” on top and sprinkle the sandwich with more crushed cookies. You will need to repeat this process until there is no more dog poop or litter on the ground. 


No matter how you feel about April Fools Day, it gets you high when you wonder if your prank will be a hit or if you’ll be the victim of something terrible. Find out what the best April Fools Day trick is with these crafts. Only tell your closest friends the naughtiest ones.

It’s never too early for kids to play a prank on their friends, and some of these even look easy enough for them to make. If they’re really crafty, perhaps they’ll even try it on you someday.

Would you like to share your favorite April Fools’ Day craft with us? Are you up to the challenge? We want to know what your craziest April Fool’s Day joke was ever. Let us know!

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