Mrs. Hawkins

Hello!  I am the school secretary at the Upper School and have been at Normal Park since 2006.  I started out as a parent volunteer when my eldest daughter was in 1st grade at the Lower School, then accepted a position as the Clerical Assistant in 2006.  I became the secretary at the Upper when we acquired that building and expanded our grades to include 6th - 8th in 2008.  What an exciting time!  While I initially thought I would only work there while my daughters attended Normal Park, that 1st grader is now in college and I'm still here!  I clearly LOVE my job and, although I have an advertising degree and worked in the field for many years, it looks like my career has taken a turn for the better.  The hectic, crazy, fast-paced life in a school office is like no other job out there, and I adore looking after all of your sweet babies!
Feel free to call me anytime at (423) 498-6882 or email me at