Mr. Fahey

Seventh grade will pick up with the Fall of Rome, go through the Middle Ages in China, Japan, Africa, and Europe, then finish with the Renaissance, Reformation, Scientific Revolution, and the Age of Exploration.


Now a little about me...I have been teaching since 1998 in the Social Studies and Health Education fields. My experience has been with all grades seventh through twelfth. I currently hold a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Florida with many credits in several different disciplines. I am originally from Key West, Florida, and moved to Chattanooga with my wife, Jennifer, in 2006. We have one daughter, Stella, entering 4th grade this year. My family and I have a deep love for travel and I have been to 15 different countries. In 2012, I was awarded a Fund For Teachers Fellowship, which paid for me to travel to France and the Netherlands to research Human-Environment Interaction throughout history. That knowledge has become an important part of my teaching in the years since. I am also the sponsor for #NPMMTravels.  In 2018, I took 12 students to Paris, Avignon, and Barcelona.  Last year I led a group of 24 to Munich, Innsbruck, and Lucerne.  The trips have been amazing and I truly feel that international travel changed the lives of the students who went with me.  I am currently planning to take students to Dublin, Belfast, and Edinburgh during spring break 2020.  Our 2010 trip is in the early planning stages and it will most likely be to the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium.  If you have any interest in you or your child participating in these adventures, please contact me at   I am looking forward to my eleventh year at Normal Park and all of the fun adventures the seventh grade has planned!