Mrs. Nye

Hi! I am the bookkeeper for both the lower and upper schools. I've been a parent at Normal Park since 2009 and I joined the staff in 2011. I was formerly the Parent Volunteer Coordinator at the lower school, where I served for 4 years before moving to the bookkeeper position in 2015. I joke that I was hired back in 2011 because I was spending all of my time here already as a volunteer! Both of my daughters have been here since Pre-K and we are die-hard Lightning supporters. We've seen so many wonderful things happen to the school during our time here and I look forward to seeing even more exciting things on the horizon!
If you ever have questions about payments for school fees, learning expedition fees or athletic fees, please don't hesitate to reach out. I'm most quickly reached by email at because I float between the 2 campuses daily. You're also welcome to call me at either campus if the need is immediate.
Please note that I do not handle money collection for School Age Child Care or the Cafeteria. You'll need to reach out to those specific departments at each campus with questions about those fees.