Coach Cowell

Our approach to Physical Education at Normal Park Museum Magnet Lower School is based on developing fundamental skills in several areas. We try to have the children participating at all times in fun and structured activities in hopes that they will have fun while learning and develop a love of physical activity they can carry with them through out their lives. 

Hamilton County has required that all classes (including PE) will be given a numerical grade to all students. This will grade will be 45% based on conduct or the students ability to follow directions and participate in activities in a way that is safe and respectful of their classmates and PE equipment. 45% will be based on participation in all activities, and 10% will be based on performance of skills. This part of the grade will mostly be based on knowing the verbal cues that give them the keys to using good form while practicing the skills we are learning, not their actual ability to i.e. dribble a basketball. I am looking forward to teaching and working with or returning and new students this year! 

Brad Cowell