Lightning Letter

Please click the link below for full Lightning Letter 4/23/18. 
Important Links

¨ NEW WEBSITE! WWW.NORMALPARK.COM. Click Grade level for Monday Memos.

¨ Make a Lunch Appointment at the Lower School:

¨ Volunteer for Lower School Gardening:

¨ Volunteer for Upper School Testing Snack Donation:

¨ Volunteer for Teacher Appreciation: These hours will be logged for 2018-19 school year.

¨ Volunteer for Field Day: Coming Soon!

¨ Volunteer for Summer Institute: Coming Soon!

¨ Volunteer for Summer Projects: Coming Soon!

Looking ahead to August 2018-19: Our administrative team typically makes class placements for the next school year in early June.  If there is anything that you would like for Mrs. Odum and Mrs. Starr to know about your child (personality, learning style, etc.), Please send and email to or try to limit your input to 4-5 sentences at most. The deadline is May 11th.

State TN Ready testing for our 3rd – 8th grade students is approaching quickly. I wanted to take a moment to share with you our testing schedule:

Testing Tips: Students need plenty of rest the night before the test. Make sure students have a good breakfast the morning of the test. Empower your student by offering words of encouragement, a new pencil , and letting them know they are prepared. Allow time to get wiggles out/down time.  

Monday, April 23rd – ELA parts 2 and 3

Tuesday, April 24th – ELA part 4 and Math part 1

Wednesday, April 25th – Math parts 2 and 3

Thursday, April 26th – Science parts 1 and 2

Friday, April 27th – Social Studies parts 1 and 2