Lightning Letter

 The full Lightning Letter is attached. Open the LL 8.13 pdf. See below!


Important Links & Volunteer Opportunities

¨ WWW.NORMALPARK.COM. Click Grade level for Monday Memos.

¨ Volunteer to Stock the Lower School Happy Cart

¨ Volunteer to Stock the Upper School Happy Cart

¨ Volunteer in the Lower School Garden:

¨ Handy ? : Exhibit Board Project. Contact Rachel Carroll

We are thrilled to welcome the Interim Principal Susan Kennedy to Normal Park. Mrs. Willmore and family are adjusting to life at home with a newborn. Mrs. Kennedy is no stranger to our campus and we look forward to her support and leadership. Please know if you have administrative questions that both Mrs. Odum and Mrs. Starr are always available.

Note from the Angie Nye, School Bookkeeper. As quarter 1 learning expedition permission forms and fee requests go home this week, please note that you can pay these fees online by clicking here. This is an easy way to pay those fees and it saves you having to write a check or worry that cash made it safely. Please note that we are unable to give change back from cash payments, so if you send in cash, please be sure it's exact. If you have any questions, please contact the bookkeeper, Angie Nye, at