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ABC’s of a Normal Park Museum Magnet Volunteer


A – ALWAYS sign in at the main school office when you visit Normal Park and fill out a volunteer slip (found outside the office). These are our only records of your hours, and we must have them on file for all families. The only exceptions are school-wide SPARK meetings or work days—if you sign in at those events, we will record hours from the sign-in sheets. And, please turn in all hours—even if you volunteer more than 18 hours per year.


B – BE sure to get your 18 hours completed by Friday, May 15th. If a family has children in more than one magnet school, the hours must be split equally among each school. For example, if you have children in 2 magnet schools you must complete 9 volunteer hours in each school. All volunteers MUST be 18 years or older to qualify for school volunteer hours. 2019-2020 Magnet School contract is attached.


C – CHECK out the weekly Lightning Letter and www.normalpark.com for volunteer opportunities or ask your child’s teacher if he are in need of classroom or project assistance.