What is Normal Park Spark?

Normal Park Spark is our multi-faceted umbrella organization that helps fulfill many needs for NPMM. Normal Park is one of the most unique and successful schools in Hamilton County thanks to the hard work of the faculty, students, parents, and other community members. Spark is the support system that helps us continue to be successful while the school community works hard to set and achieve higher goals each year.


Parent/Teacher Liaison 


Three years ago, NPMM combined our PTA, Normal Park Education Fund, and Lightning Athletic Fund to create a more a more streamlined organization. For the first two years, Spark focused on combining the fundraising efforts of each group. During the 2019/2020 school year, SPARK will place an emphasis on further educating parents, teachers, and our extended community on all things Normal Park. We will host two parent/teacher meetings. (Dates to be announced soon!) to help families become more familiar with what is happening at Normal Park and within Spark. There are board meetings that parents are welcome to attend and we will announce those in the Lightning Letter. We want everyone to be well informed about this organization and it’s importance in helping NP achieve the success it has become famous for within our community and beyond.


The Spark Fund


The Spark Fund is the fundraising effort of Normal Park Spark. The money raised by the Spark Fund is used to support many critical elements of NPMM. This includes all of the production materials for every exhibit all year, important faculty positions, all materials and instruction for the Science Labs, STEM lab materials, professional development for faculty, professional consultants to enhance instruction, Related Arts support and on and on. Every item on this list is important to the mission of teaching the Whole Child and some part of Spark impacts every student. Over the years, NPMM leadership has identified what our school needs to provide the standard of education our parents want and expect from our school. Spark helps make that happen.

Every year, the Spark Fund raises and disperses almost $250,000. It is this level of support that allows Normal Park to thrive and grow. The Spark Fund needs to raise $300/student this year. Our goal this year is to reach 40% parent participation. (Our dream is 100%!) We need your support. Please consider a one time donation or setting up a recurring donation. Checks are made out to the NPMM Ed Fund OR the absolute easiest way to help our students is to go to: to make a donation. For $25/month you will cover what Spark spends on your child. You can set up a recurring withdrawal or make a one time online donation. The software is very easy to use and you can tailor your donation to best fit your family.


Lightning Athletic Club


The LAC is Spark’s athletic booster club. From its founding in 2014, the Lightning Athletic Club leaders have believed that physical activity complements academic development and personal growth.It is the mission of the LAC to offer a wide range of quality programs which will encourage and facilitate all participants to realize opportunities for championship athletic participation, physical fitness and well being.