Covid-19 Info

COVID-19: Now what?
If anyone in your household has been exposed or receives a positive test result, please notify the school and the Hamilton County Health Department at (423) 209-8000.  The Health Department will determine the date your student can return to school and provide the required return-to-school release forms.
For more information, click HERE for a link to Hamilton County School's Covid-19 information including what to do if you or your child has been exposed or is showing symptoms.

To promote and protect the health and safety of our students, educators, and the general public during this pandemic, Hamilton County Schools (HCS) and the Hamilton County Health Department (HCHD) will be sharing data and information specifically related to positive COVID-19 cases.
These communications are permitted by federal laws for the purpose of preventing or controlling the spread of disease and safeguarding the health and safety of the community.
The HCHD and HCS will make every effort to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of all parties involved. Only information deemed necessary to minimize and prevent COVID disease spread will be shared. As such, there will be a limited number of designated and trained HCS contacts who will communicate directly with the HCHD. All COVID-19 data/information from the school system will be shared through these persons.
For any questions or concerns about this policy or process, please contact:
Hamilton County Schools-
Hamilton County Health Department- (423) 209-8200 or
Click on the file below for Hamilton County's guide to returning to school.  IMPORTANT:  All students are required to have release paperwork from the Health Department before they can return to school.
If you have any questions call our school nurse, Dawn Morrow, or email her at