Sports News Grades 6-8

Welcome to Normal Park Lightning Athletics

Middle School Sports Offered

Fall Sports

Cheerleading (May Tryouts)           Coach Semtner and Coach Kuhar

Football* (July Tryouts)                  Coach Cowell, Coach Jorgenson, and CSAS Staff

Cross Country (August Tryouts)    Coach Moore, Blake and Hannigan

Soccer (Sept. Tryouts- 9/25-26))   Coach Andrews, Nye, Borrero, Clarich-Page 

Late Fall/Winter Sports

Cheerleading (May Tryouts)          Coach Semtner and Kuhar

Basketball (October Tryouts)         Coach Hoewischer Stiles

Swimming*                                     Coach Myers (practices with Clubs)

Climbing (with Red Bank)              Coach TBD (practices begin in late Sept.)  

Spring Sports

Track and Field (March Tryouts)    Coach Cowell and Budd

Tennis                                            TBD

Baseball (February Tryouts)          Coach Brune

Volleyball                                       Coach Blake 

Golf *                                             Coach Hoewischer (season begins in March)

Spring Club Sports (various fees apply)

Boys Lacrosse (March Tryouts)    TBD

Girls Lacrosse (March Tryouts)     Coach Julie Hammond

Mountain Bike (Bolts Mountain Bike) Eric Pullen (sponsor)

 *Partner with CSAS

 Sports Fees

The Sport fee  will include facilities fee, insurance, refs/umpire fees, uniforms. A Lightning Season Pass will also be given to the immediate family of all student athletes who pay sports fees prior to the first home game. This pass will provide immediate families with free admission to HOME ball games during that specific sport. (tournaments excluded).Shooter shirts, extra equipment, camps, and warm up's may result in an extra fees. 


For more information regarding Lightning Athletics, visit individual sport links and the Lightning Athletics Club link.