Basketball - Boys

Congratulations to the 2019-2020 NPMM Middle School ISC Basketball Team



Coach Paul Hoewischer


Caleb Beavers

Anthony Bell

Anthony Bonner

AC Collins

Landon Goeller

Braylon Hammond

Banks Hoewischer

Cordell Howard

Keyshaun Mitchell

Dedrick Owens

Elliott Schmidt

Gabe Wykle


In all, we have 95 kids placed on ten different rosters for elementary and middle school.  Participation for all students is VOLUNTARY and none of them have to play on these teams in these different leagues.  These rosters are suggestions based on last week's evaluations. 


If they choose to play, they MUST register through the links included below.  No further school involvement is needed moving forward.  The parents/coaches can communicate with the leagues directly. Volunteer coaches are needed. Please contact the league if you are interested. Please understand that students from other school can and may be added to the rosters below as needed by the league. 



Registration Information:


NorthRiver YMCA

Information Sheet:

Registration Form:


THE NORTH RIVER Y                       TRYKIDZ (7th)                                      TRYKIDZ (6TH)

Coach: ?? NEEDED                      Coach: Michael Holland/Stevens          Coach: Jason Brune

Dante Barrios                                  Porter Clowers                                         Milo Bevis

Asher Bell                                       Hunter Johnston                                       Sean Brune

JaWon Cooper                                Camrien King                                           Maverick Fugate

Jackson Freeman                           Forrest Knox                                            Will Goodyear

Christopher Hampton                      Keagan Smith                                          Elijah Hall

Eric Jones                                       Slate Smith                                               Dagan Jackson

Evan Lawrence                               Jack Stevens                                            Lukas Nascimento

Mikole Phillips                                 Carter Tipton                                            Blade Paty

Larry Watkins                                  Jesse Zeigler                                            Charlie Wilkins

Van Terrio Watkins (?)                     Van Terrio Watkins (?)                              PJ Wright

                                                        Tyler Wiggins                                           Patrick Carroll   

                                                        Jake Wagner