Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our first 12U Girl’s Lacrosse Spring League was a blast and we ended up with 4 teams participating representing 5 schools  - Silverdale, OLPH, Normal Park, Brights and Signal Mountain with approximately 30-35 young ladies ranging from 3rd grade to 5th grade. The Girls learned a great deal about Lacrosse and each and everyone of them now know the game and how to play. We closed the season out with a ChattLax Clash tournament hosted by McCallie at Spears stadium and the girls exhibited and showed off all their new skills.

We would like for those of you interested in promoting Girl’s lacrosse to consider spreading the word and encouraging parental involvement for coaching because that is the name of the game. The Chattanooga Lacrosse Association can provide training on all levels to help procure a team and develop Leadership.

Saying all that we would like to ask you to also spread the word about this summer opportunity for those wanting to get involved over the summer. Scenic City is an organization with the mission to foster the growth of lacrosse in the Southeast and specifically in the Chattanooga area, by providing programs & services which inspire participation in the sport, while simultaneously preserving the integrity of the game. Learn more at and check out the boys and Girls programs.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I will do my best to answer or find the right person to give their expertise!


Thank you for your time.


Best Regards,

Julie Hammond

Member ChattLax