Congratulations to ALL Lightning Elementary Basketball Players


In all, we have 95 kids placed on ten different rosters for elementary and middle school.  Participation for all students is VOLUNTARY and none of them have to play on these teams in these different leagues.  These rosters are suggestions based on last week's evaluations. 


If they choose to play, they MUST register through the links included below.  No further school involvement is needed moving forward.  The parents/coaches can communicate with the leagues directly. Write Lightning Basketball or NPMM on your registration forms. We are actively looking for volunteer coaches for all leagues. If you are interested, please contact Heather Cockerham


North Hamilton: Coaches will be in contact. Registration is coming soon.



Registration Information:


NorthRiver YMCA

Information Sheet:

Registration Form:


North Hamilton 


2nd/3rd BOYS North Hamilton 

Noah Cockerham

McCorey Jones

Grant McKinney

Evan McMahon

Camden Odum

Porter O'Shaughnessy

Camp Reardon

Cole Ritterskamp

Charlie Scearce

Jarris Walker

Coaches: Cockerham/Jones


4/5 BOYS North Hamilton

Briggs Hoewischer

Henry Collins

Will Mayberry

Jackson McKinney

Wally Watson

West Winland

Brock Beach

Nico Geraci

Holden Royal

Coach: Watson/Winland



Registration Information:




Coach: Britt Baker:

Luci Center                                   

Maggie Pollack                             

Brynne Capecchi                         

Erin Spurgeon                               

Galilea Vazquez                           

Ava Deardorff                               

Nora Wykle                                 

Maggie Stewart                           

Izzy Baker                                          

Jayda Sledge                                                                                                                     


4/5 BOYS TRYKIDZ (9)           

Coach: Jared Chastain          

Jaydyn Brehm                       

Thomas Marsh                     

John Hamm                         

Brayden Slay                       

Ben Kammerer                   

Grey Chastain                                       

Corey Kilalea                       




Coach: Smith/McCoy

Matthew McCoy             

Kagan Smith

Kirby Last

Wills Gates

Cason O’Connor

Kelby Sledge

Carson Porter

Zion Bennett

Kamden Smith

Craig Powell


2nd/3rd grade Girls Trykidz

Coach: Jeff Bonner & Jeff Christopher

Emelia Bonner

Rylan Harrison 

Maddin Rippon 

Tate Watson 

Eve Atkinson

Claire Christopher 

Brinkley Hoewischer

Piper Lawson


2nd/3rd grade Boys Trykidz

Coach: Finlay/Dorough

Alan Dorough

Reed Finlay

Peter Shaheen

Owen Shaheen

Rhys Coleman

JG Divin

Parker Luce

Henry Carroll

Clark McDaniel


2nd Grade Boys TryKidz

Coach Parsons/Smith

Sebastian Granados

Sully Parsons

Sam Parsons

Dakota Smith

Aaron Parker

Ollie Geraci

Benji Perry

Quinn Farmer

Tate Mahone


NorthRiver YMCA

Information Sheet:

Registration Form:


North River YMCA

2nd/3rd Grade GIRLS North River YMCA

Coach: TBD

Juliet Bingham (coach)

Hayleigh Hinton

Virginia Precise (coach)

Emily Reardon

Paige Ritter


2nd Grade BOYS North River YMCA. Please notes this team may be split into two teams.

Coach: TBD

Roan Lindsey

Marcello Barrios

Simon Shaw

Jackson Sterchi


4th GIRLS THE Y (9)                 

Coach is Needed

Carlee Ritchey

McKinley Johnston                   

Catherine Chappell                  

Karin Pentiah                             

Jordyn Todd                               

Eleanor Cooley                         

Sora Itani                                   

Ellie Welch


4/5 BOYS THE Y (8) 

Coach is NEEDED    

Timmy Andrews 

Noah Bradshaw

Elijah Bradshaw

Micah Ingram     

Wilson Kay 

Hillman Withers

Hughie Patrick     

Winston Bissett                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


**We encourage Pre-K thru 1st grade basketball players to participate at the NorthRiver YMCA. Write Normal Park at the top of your Registration Form. You must turn in paperwork directly to the YMCA and attend their onsite evaluations. Click here for more details