2nd grade Ocean Project

Create a 3D sculpture of your ocean animal using recyclable materials!
Watch the videos below to help you get started.
  1. Ocean Animals: https://youtu.be/5FzdlRLZcAU
  2. Ocean Animal Creation: https://youtu.be/_ZmFbRhkC4g
Music - Compose a song inspired by your ocean animal. Send the song to Mrs. Shaw, along with an explanation (video or written) of your musical choices.
View Mrs. Shaw's explanation of the assignment here.
Here are two examples that can be found on Epic.com
     A song written by a 2nd grade student using Chrome Music Lab Song Maker - Manatee
     A tutorial on how to use Chrome Music Lab Song Maker
               Part One
               Part Two
Dance- Make a movement phrase inspired by your ocean animal you are researching. Send the video to Ms. Cinnamon 
Here is a video with some ideas.

Library- Write a poem about your ocean animal.  The poem can be in the form of Acrostic poetry or Haiku poetry.  You may use the links for the templates or use your own.  Send the poem to Ms. Locke at locke_cynthia@hcde.org 


View Ms. Locke’s explanation of the assignment.

Ocean Animal Poems


Acrostic Poem Templates:     5 Lines Template      10 Lines Template

Haiku Template:  Haiku Template