Monday Memo

Normal Park Museum Magnet School  

7th Grade Monday Memo

Week of December 2, 2019

Our final LE of the quarter is this Thursday to the Aquarium.   

The 7th grade students will be choosing their Related Arts classes for second semester on December 6.  Please review the course descriptions ahead of time to be prepared for selections. 


This week in mathematics we explore percents and proportional relationships.  Specifically we will use proportional reasoning to determine percentage of numbers and solving percent equations. 

Homework: HW 7 is due on Thursday.

Math Tutoring: Thursday 3 - 4

Please contact me with any concerns or questions.


We will be wrapping up diffusion and osmosis and moving into how living things grow. We will be going to the aquarium this week to study the diversity of life.  


  • EggCellent Label due Wednesday
  • IAN Check due Thursday
  • Diffusion/Osmosis Quizizz due Mon. 12/9 (assigned Thursday this week) 

Quiz Corrections: 

  • Students can do quiz corrections through MasteryConnect. On a separate sheet of paper, for questions missed, they need to determine the correct answer and write why it is correct. Students can earn up to half their missed points back. 

Science Tutoring: 

  • I will be available Wednesday until 4 for tutoring this week. 
    • Quiz corrections, labels, projects, IAN Check 

Science Vocabulary:

Diffusion and Osmosis

World History

This week in World History we will finish our heraldic coats of arms for our research projects and investigate the causes and effects of the Black Death. 


*Finish travel journal pages at home as necessary.


Interested in traveling to Amsterdam, Netherlands, Cologne, Germany, and Bruges, Belgium in 2021? The informational meeting for this adventure will be December 10th at 5:30 PM at the Upper school. Contact me at if you are interested.

E-mail me at with any questions.

 Quizlet link:

New World History Textbook Link

Language Arts

For the next two weeks, we will work on a mini unit researching different holidays.  Each class period will have a different focus, and we will write informational research papers. We will create a class exhibit piece to represent our learning.

Make sure you are still reading nightly!  Please encourage your student to consistently break out their novel!

Homework:Read for 30 minutes a day

NaNoWriMo writers wrote over 68,600 words collectively! Great Job!  

Email me at

7th Grade Spanish - 

Unfinished projects- complete this week

Voc. quiz- Thursday ! ! !

Spanish Through the Ages -

 Exhibit and Labels due next week 


  • Bestiary & Cy Twombly exhibit label due Wednesday

Email questions to


  • Contact Mrs. Mckee at
  • Band Remind:
  • Practice Log is due on Tuesday, No.26th in Google Classroom
  • Our concert will be December 12th at 6:00 pm.  Concert Band students should report to the balcony at 5:40.  Jazz Band students should report to the front of the stage. Dress is white top/black pants or black top/black pants with black shoes.  
  • We will need many parent volunteers.  Signups are at



Class Reminders   

  •  Normal Park Calendar 

11/27-29:  Thanksgiving Break

12/3: Choir and Dance Concert

12/16-17 Q2 Benchmarks

12/17 Exhibit

12/18: Half Day. Dismissal at 11:30. Read a Rama 

Please Join the 7th grade for 2019-2020.  

Text @3ef244 to the number 81010

  1.  We’re working on helping students track their homework using their google calendars on their chromebooks.  Please ask them about this process!

  1. Please send in LE fees ASAP!

  1. All Normal Park students should wear their grade level shirt on Learning Expeditions.  They can be purchased through the link on the website

  1. 7th grade Room Parent: Melanie Blake Singer

(828) 538-1093

  1.  7th grade Lead Teacher: Sarah Andrews