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Normal Park Museum Magnet School  

7th Grade Tuesday Memo

Week of October 16, 2018

LE Tuesday at 9:30 to Memorial Auditorium to hear Eva Schloss, step-sister of Anne Frank, speak in remembrance of the Holocaust

We have 2 soccer games this week!  Thursday is a home game at NP if you can come!


Welcome back and get ready for algebra time!  Students will explore the basic properties of algebra and begin to work with algebra tiles.  

Homework: no homework this week.

Quests:  Students may work on assignments at home as part of ixl minutes..  They are required to show their work on certain skills.

Please contact me with any concerns or questions.


This week in science we will explore the indicators of climate change through research, analysis of data, and lab investigations. After gaining a background in climate change, students will divide into small groups to explore a specific indicator (atmospheric CO2 levels, global temperature, arctic sea ice, ice sheets, and sea level rise)  in depth.  They will then create a presentation to their findings with their classmates so that they can learn about their researched climate change indicator.


  • Presentations or posters due Monday

Email me at if you have any questions or comments.  

World History

This week in World History we will begin our unit on the Fall of Rome.  We will start by mapping the major features of Europe, then we will investigate how both Judaism, Early Christianity, and the Roman Empire interacted with each other


Read Discovery Ed Techbook  - Chapter 10.5

A Weakening Empire “Why did Rome Decline and Fall?”

Complete an event cause and effect graphic organizer. (due Friday)

There are only 16 days left to register for the 2020 Europe trip to Ireland and Scotland and still receive the early registration discount!  Contact me at if you are interested.

Quizlet link:

Discovery Education link:  

Travel Journal Instructions Link:

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Language Arts

This week we are diving into nonfiction.  We will look closely at what the definition of nonfiction is.  We will also take a day to explore the types of nonfiction and conference about last quarter’s papers.

We will begin a one week mini-unit on biographies on Friday.


Read for 30 minutes EVERY NIGHT in a book of your choice!

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7th Grade Spanish

Exhibit labels- due Monday, Oct 1.

Spanish Through the Ages

Exhibit labels- due Tuesday, Oct 2nd.

Tuesday is also the last day to complete Exhibit.

  • Bayeux Tapestry introduction due Wednesday.

Email questions to


The Band has two performances in October.

The 6-8 Band Concert is October 25th at 6:00 pm.  Volunteers are needed to take money at the door and sit with students.

All 5-8 band members will perform at Normalpalooza on October 27th.  The times are TBA.  Volunteers will be needed to set up and help students find their spots safely.

Class Reminders                           

  • As quarter 2 learning expedition permission forms and fee requests arrive in student folders, please note that you can pay these fees online by clicking here. This is an easy way to pay those fees and it saves you having to write a check or worry that cash made it safely. Please note that we are unable to give change back from cash payments, so if you send in cash, please be sure it's exact. If you have any questions, please contact the bookkeeper, Angie Nye, at Thank you!
  • PLEASE subscribe to the 7th grade  We send out important information, and we want to be able to contact you.  The link for is on the top of the page!
  • All Normal Park students should wear their grade level shirt on Learning Expeditions.  They can be purchased through the link on the website.
  • 7th grade Lead Teacher: Sarah Andrews
  • 7th grade Room Parent: Charla Peterson (423) 802-5985