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Normal Park Museum Magnet School  

7th Grade Monday Memo

Week of October 21, 2019

Please sign and return LE forms ASAP!

Blue Bolt Challenge Starts this week, and the Kindness Campaign spirit week is daily!


This week in mathematics we explore proportions and proportional relationships.  A proportional relationship is a correspondence between two types of quantities such that the measures of quantities of the first type are proportional to the measures of quantities of the second type

Homework: Homework 2 Quarter 2 Practice Sheet due on Thursday.

Math Tutoring: I am available after school on Thursday from 3 to 4:15. Students can get help on homework, corrections, or the quest during this time.

Please contact me with any concerns or questions.


This week we are studying what happens to matter when there is a chemical reaction. We will demonstrate how matter is conserved in a chemical reaction by determining if the reaction is balanced or unbalanced. 


  • Quizizz to 90% due Thursday
    • Quiz on Conservation of Mass Friday
  • Complete assignments done in IAN if not completed in class. 

Science Tutoring: 

  • I will be available on Wednesday after school until 4. 
    • IAN help, extra practice conservation of mass/counting atoms in a compound, Quizizz support, studying for quiz Friday

Science Vocabulary: 

Chemical Reactions

World History

This week in World History we will continue our investigation of the area of the Middle East.  We will review the religion of Islam and the contributions of Islamic scholars to the medieval period before we begin our study of west Africa.  


Complete travel journal page 9 as needed.  Due by Friday 10/25.


You can still register for the 2020 Europe trip to Ireland and Scotland.   Contact me at if you are interested.

 Quizlet link:

New World History Textbook Link

E-mail me at with any questions.

Language Arts

This week we will work on strategies for reading complex and archaic texts.  We will also work on writing a summary, and building a balanced argument. We will practice understanding both sides of an argument before writing one. Please be sure to read at home nightly.

Homework:Read for 30 minutes a day

Free Audible for Middle School Students: 6th-8th grade students have the wonderful opportunity of receiving a free Audible account. In order for them to participate, the permission slip must be signed and returned to school. 

Email me at

7th Grade Spanish - 

 Voc. quiz on Wednesday- Casa Voc. 1

Next week- quiz on Casa Voc. 2

Spanish Through the Ages -

Notes check (Friday)

  • Islamic Mosaic - introduction due Wednesday

Email questions to


  • Contact Mrs. McKee at
  • 6-8 Band students should join the new consolidated Google Classroom at qqic0f
  • The next practice log is due in Google Classroom on Tuesday, October 22nd at 11:59 pm.
  • Our first concert is October 24th, at 6:00 pm.  
    • Arrive at 5:30 in the Band Room
    • Students will wear black pants/white top or black pants/black top with black shoes.
    • Instead of admission, we will accept donations for the band program
    • Volunteers are needed to sit in the front two rows with students when they are not performing.


Class Reminders   


  • We want to offer parents two meetings this year that aren't tied to another event and our fall meeting is next Tuesday, October 22nd at 5:30 at the Lower School Auditorium.  There will be cupcakes and parents receive one volunteer hour for attending.

School Board District 6 rep will be there update us on what is happening with the board and the facilities report that came out at the beginning of the year.

  • Kindness Week-Monday "Cozy for Kindness" - wear PJ's

Tuesday "Winning with Kindness" - wear your favorite sports team/band/artist attire

Wednesday “Cute for Kindness” - School Picture Day

Thursday "Spread the Spark at Normal Park" - NP attire, blue, white and grey

Friday "Crazy for Kindness" - wear crazy clothes and crazy hair

  •  Normal Park Calendar 

10/17: Lightning Athletic Club Meeting at the LS at 8:20

10/21-10/25: Kindness Week

10/23:  Picture Day

10/24:  Band Concert at US Auditorium

11/8: Lightning Dash Glow Run

11/13: Half Day. Dismissal at 11:30

11/14: Fall Musical

11/15: Fall Musical evening show

11/27-29:  Thanksgiving Break

12/3: Choir and Dance Concert

12/6: Friday Night Lightning

Please Join the 7th grade for 2019-2020.  Text @3ef244 to the number 81010

  1.  We’re working on helping students track their homework using their google calendars on their chromebooks.  Please ask them about this process!

  1. Please send in LE fees ASAP!

  1. All Normal Park students should wear their grade level shirt on Learning Expeditions.  They can be purchased through the link on the website

  1. 7th grade Room Parent: Melanie Blake Singer

(828) 538-1093

  1.  7th grade Lead Teacher: Sarah Andrews