We’re excited about the opportunity to get to know you and we’re looking forward to a happy and productive school year.  This year we will focus on Number and Operations in Base Ten and in Fractions, Operations and Algebraic Thinking,  Measurement and Data,  and Geometry.

Use this page to find links for helpful videos and useful websites to help your child be successful this year in math!

There will be a spiral review for math homework every Monday and it is due Thursday. Kids should also be practicing multiplication facts during the week! They can do this using flashcards, apps, computer games (listed below in multiplication) and print outs. I like sushi monster and other free apps



Helpful Videos with Practice


Created Model Drawing Examples


1. Rounding

2. Comparing Numbers

3. Meaning of Multiplication

4. Multiples and LCM

5. Factors and GCF


Quinn's Place Value


Elizabeth's Subtraction 


Gabriel's Times as Many

  1. Area Model Multiplication
  2. Expanded Form
  3. Traditional Method
  4. Division with PV disks
  5. Partial Quotient Division
  6. Traditional Long Division


Sam’s Model Drawing with 2x2 Multiplication


Lilly’s Area Model with Division


Carter’s Division Partial Quotients




Line Plots

Equivalent Fractions-Use tiles to help with 

Matching                      Math Man-equal fractions

Concentration                       CyberChase

Number Lines

1: Identify Lines

  1. Identify Circles

3: Find Grampy

Reducing Fractions (simplest form)


Reducing Spat


Soccer Simplifying



Adding Fractions

Feed Me Fractions (Make 1)

Speedway Fractions

 Subtract Fractions

Fruit Splat 


Line Plot Video 

 Create a Line Plot

 IXL Create a line Plot


Place Value



Fruit Splat Place Value     Expanded Form

Identify PV                             Place Value

 Comparing Numbers

Rounding Soccer          Rounding....Mixed Practice

Practice Rounding Problems         Pirate Rounding



Addition and Subtraction 


Step By Step Subtraction

 Drag and Drop Addition and Subtraction



Multiplication Games for Fluency 



Free Rice            Flash Cards     

 Grand Prix          Tug Team    

 Math Man         Math Lines- Choose Multiplication

 Picnic-Easier with pictures    

Monkey Drive- Multiples  

Multiples Frenzy

Thinking Blocks X






Factor Game                 GCF Fruit Splat

 GCF SKETCH              Prime or Composite





Function Machine               Patterns-Crack Hacker's Safe

 Challenge Function Machine 




Area Model Multiplication   Amoeba Multiplication

 Traditional Multiplication   Step By Step Multiplication 2 Better for practice

                                           Step by Step Multiplication (do work first on paper)




Division Facts                     Drag Race Division

Monster Division                  Fruit Splat 

Partial Quotient Division  The quotient Cafe-

Long Division –Traditional       Snorks   -turn sound off

Area and Perimeter

 Geoboard to calculate area perimeter

Zoo Enclosure Online


In Class Links 

Khan Academy

Khan Academy sample

Thinking Blocks- Videos and practice