All About 3rd Grade

Welcome to 3rd Grade! 


School Hours

The school doors open for your child starting at 7:45 AM.  Students will be dismissed to their classrooms by 8:10 AM and will be counted tardy by 8:15 AM.  Our academic day ends at 3:10 PM.  Children who have not been picked up will be sent to SACC (aftercare) by 3:25 PM.  If you need to have your child at school before or after these hours, please sign your child up to participate in the SACC aftercare program. 


Take Home Folders

Please check your child's purple "homework" folder daily!  While homework is optional, we use these folders to send home all types of communication with your child.  We will regularly send home optional practice pages, study guides, completed/graded student work, as well as a Weekly Report to see how your child's day went via this folder.  While it is a vital line to our parent/teacher communication, it is your child's responsibility to keep up with it! 


Homework Policy

All homework is optional.  


Unfinished work may be sent home as homework on a weekly basis.  I will put a star in the top right corner if your child needs to work on a particular piece of work. The specific problem will be circled or starred. This work doesn’t have to be turned back in; its purpose is to help flag you that some extra attention could be helpful to that particular skill/assignment.


We will be giving “Recommended Homework Assignments”. These assignments will not be required to be turned in or logged in any way.  If you choose to have your child follow the recommended homework, you will most likely see the reflection of that practice in his/her grades.  


Recommended Weekly Homework:

*60 minutes of reading per week (including the weekend)

*10 minutes of math fact practice daily

*10 - 20 minutes of worksheet skill practice daily:

We will be sending home a packet on Mondays that reflects the work your student learned the prior week.  The purpose of this is so that no new skills are being thrown at your child for homework practice.  Skills that have already been taught and reviewed will be sent home so that work is reinforcing independent practice.


Study guides (math, module, and/or grammar) will be sent home at least 2 days prior to any test.  If these study guides are completed and signed by a parent, your child will be rewarded with extra credit on the correlating test.


Daily Schedule

Each day holds a new adventure for your kiddo at Normal Park.  No two days are hardly ever the same.  Please check your teacher's personal page for their "typical" day by day schedule, including your Related Arts schedule, so you know how to dress your child in the appropriate clothes each day! All of 3rd grade has Related Arts from 11 AM - 12 PM, lunch from 12 PM - 12:25 PM, and recess from 12:25 PM - 12:55 PM.




We will be utilizing a curriculum called "Engage New York" and "Match Fishtank" to guide our teaching of math skills.  Every day your child will partake in 5 minutes of fact practice that is tailored to his/her own pace as well as 5 minutes of an 8-Step Model Drawing Problem.  Our progression of skills will go as follows:











-2-Step Problem Solving



**Math Facts**

This year, your child will be learning all of the multiplication facts from 0 - 10! We allot about 3 weeks of practice to master each fact, but your child will move on if he/she masters their current fact on Friday's Fast Check!  While we practice daily in class, we also need reinforcement of fact practice at home to ensure that your child knows these facts by heart when they leave 3rd grade!  Below you will find a pacing guide as to when these facts should be mastered by:

Math Facts

Date to Assess

Mixed Addition and Subtraction

August 30


September 20


October 25


November 15


December 13


January 17

0s and 1s

January 31


February 21


March 13


April 17


May 8

This is our suggested pacing guide. We will take a math fact quiz every Friday. We know some kids will master facts before the date to assess.

For example, Cynthia passes her 2s math fact on September 6. This grade will be recorded for her math grade on 2s. The following week, during math class she will move on to practicing her 5s. She does not pass her 5s test on September 13, so she will practice another week.


We plan to differentiate the pace based upon the student. However, on the date to assess, the grade that is earned on that day will be recorded in the gradebook.



Your student will learn many different genres of writing this year.  We will focus on high quality writing with a strong voice and solid mechanics.  We use Writers Workshop to teach these skills, which consists of a short introduction followed by writing time and regular conferencing with students through the writing process.  The big step in your child's writing this year will be following the writing process completely as well as writing in paragraph form.  Below are the different writing genres for 3rd grade:

-Personal Narrative 





We will be traveling the world this year in our new modules!  Learning will be an adventure as we have hands on learning through integrated, engaging lessons, creating our own text books in our Travel Journals, awesome experiments through Science Lab, and taking our learning outside of our school walls on Learning Expeditions!

-Quarter 1: Who Has the Right? (a study of our history as a nation)

-Quarter 2: Hottest, Coldest, Highest, Deepest (World Geography)

-Quarter 3: Destination USA (a study of U.S. geography)

-Quarter 4: Follow Me through Tennessee (a study of TN geography, economics, and ecology)


Literacy Block:

90 minutes every day will be spent in reading and writing instruction.  We accomplish this through Daily 3 center rotations.  

-Reading Workshop: Each day we will have a read aloud or reading mini-lesson that teaches comprehension , decoding, or fluency strategies. We will be reading texts that are on or above grade level. We will focus on both fiction and non-ficition texts.

-Small Group Instruction: You child will meet with the teacher in a small-group setting working on a specific reading standard within a text that is at your child's instructional level. 

-Word Work: Students will have a list of words that they are working on every 2 weeks. We will use Spelling City to help students practice spelling and notice the patterns. Students can utilize Spelling City in class and at home.

-Writing: This a time where students get to write uninterrupted.  These writings will vary from week to week.  Students will work on Travel Journal entries, pieces from Writers Workshop, writing about their reading from small-group, or personal "free" choice.

-Read to Self: During this time, students are allowed to read whatever their hearts desire.  We encourage students to choose a "just right book" that is at their independent level.

-Give Me 5: For this center, teachers choose a skill to review for the week that is Module or Math related.


Power School/Grade Book

All of your child's grades will be available via Power School.  Your child has an individual login that will give you access to all of this information.  We do our best to update grades weekly!  Below is a run down of how grades are calculated this year:


         Classwork = 10%

         Quiz = 25%

         Math Facts Quiz = 25%

         Unit Tests = 40%

Language Arts:

         Classwork = 10%

         Writing Pieces = 45%

         Spelling Test = 30%

         Grammar Test = 15%  


      Reading Response/Challenge = 10%

      Reading Quiz = 25     

Guided Reading = 30%

      Reading Assessments = 35%


Science/Social Studies:

         Science Lab (based on behavior/participation/reflections) = 10%

         Quiz = 20%

         Unit Tests = 35%

              Exhibit = 35%