Monday Memo

Please refer to the Corona-cation Week 8 Last Week guide for the latest information. Here is a weekly checklist to follow as well. 

First Grade Menu for Week of May 11th, 2020


Reading  Menu  - Read Your Favorite Book(s)

  • Create a bookmark about it
  • Video yourself reading part of your book and send it to your teacher
  • Pretend you are the teacher and read it to your stuffed animals
  • Write about your favorite part.
  • Write another story using those same characters
  • Make a new cover for your book
  • Act your story out using puppets, stuffed animals, toys, or family members
  • Create a mask of a character in your story
  • Create a set of sequence cards to retell the story
  • Draw and write about the beginning, middle, and end of the story.
  • Write questions about the story that your parents could answer.
  • Do Reading Eggs lesson


Word Work Menu

  • Practice the last 3 sight words from this year: together, would, gone
  • Quiz your student on sight words from Quarter 4
  • Make flashcards with Quarter 4 words
  • Play Kaboom with Quarter 4 words
  • Play memory with quarter 4 words
  • Use Spelling City to practice quarter 4 words.
  • All Students - Take an end of year test of quarter words


Math Menu

  • Play memory with addition problems and answers
  • Play Top It
  • Play Go Fish to 10
  • Make 3D shapes using play-doh and toothpicks
  • Use measuring cups and create a recipe with your parents
  • Collect data with family members using different categories (favorite fruit, etc.)
  • Go on a number hunt - look for numbers around the house or outside
  • Count items in your house and write tallies (pillows, candles, cans, etc.)
  • Ring a bell whenever it is o’clock or half past and have students tell you the time.
  • Do math seed lessons
  • Play board games using 2 dice 

Writing / Module 


  • Flat Teachers - Write adventures you have with your flat teacher and send to them. 
  • Writing Prompts:
  • Create a monster and write a story about it.
  • I found a hole in my backyard….
  • Tell me about your best friend.
  • What makes you a good friend?
  • What is your favorite thing about virtual learning?
  • What have you missed about being at school?
  • Give advice to upcoming kindergarteners.
  • If I had a job….
  • Look for native plants that may be growing in your backyard.
  • Watch the Rumpus in the Rainforest from last year. Write about your favorite part or character.  
  • Go on a nature walk and write or draw some of the living things you see.
  • Check out some of the virtual LE’s posted on the website.
  • Check out some of the RA lessons posted on the website.