Pre-K News



Communication: Please feel free to email or set up a conference with your homeroom teacher. We try to check our email on a daily basis. You may write notes or comments on their behavior sheet located in your child’s daily folder.

Mrs. Carolyn:

Mrs. Kerri: 

Hours:  Pre-K hours will run from 7:55 a.m. to 2:40 p.m.  The children must be brought into the classroom and signed in at the beginning of the day and signed out at the end of the day when they are picked up.  This means that you will need to park on the street and walk in to drop off and pick up your child.  Please have your child at school by 8:10 at the latest! We will begin Morning Meeting shortly after everyone has arrived. Students who arrive after 8:10 will be marked "tardy." 

After Care: The aftercare program will start at 2:40 and go until 5:30 p.m. Please see your invoice for additional payment information.

Lunch: We will eat lunch in the cafeteria.  The children may bring their lunch from home or buy it at the school. The cost of lunch is $3.00 per day. If they bring the lunch from home they may buy milk for $0.50. It is best if you send a weekly/monthly check to the cafeteria.  Chocolate milk will be served only on Thursdays. Each child will have a computerized account in the cafeteria.

*A lunch menu can be found online at for a monthly menu. They have 2 different choices for each day in the "hot line." Milk is provided with the choices. They may also bring their healthy lunch with a drink or may buy milk at school.

Snack: You will be given a weekly snack rotation schedule.  You will supply snack for the entire class. You may bring in all of your snack items on the Monday of your week or bring them in on a daily basis. We do supply cups and plates for our food. *The state requires that we have 2 food groups served during snack. Please keep this in mind when purchasing your snack! A few suggestions would be: peanut butter or cheese crackers, graham crackers & fruit, pretzels & grapes, granola bars or popcorn with juice, and trail mix with raisins. Again you are not limited to these items, but please make healthy choices! :) 

Folders: Please be sure to check your child's daily take home folder.  There are important pieces of information that we will be sending home including their homework! Make sure to sign and return their behavior sheet.

Monday Memo: Every week a Monday Memo is sent home with important information for the upcoming week. PLEASE READ THROUGH THIS MEMO! It will include show and tell info, a summary of our week, and important dates. It will also be posted on the website as well.

Dress Code: Students should wear comfortable & appropriate clothing.  It is recommended that they wear tennis shoes daily because they will be active! Students will wear their NPMM t-shirts on Tuesdays when we have learning expeditions. Please keep in mind when we have P.E. and art.  They will need appropriate shoes for P.E. & clothes for art. We do provide smocks & use washable paint, but as you know they do not always prevent staining. So try not to dress them in special clothing except for picture day or other special events.

Learning Expeditions: Several Tuesdays throughout the year we go on learning expeditions to different museums around our town. We welcome parent volunteers on our trips and love having your help!

Daily Schedule: Your child has a few jobs that they need to take care of every morning before going to a tabletop activity. They must make their lunch choice, hang up their backpack in their cubby, place their folder in their mailbox, and sign in! This is their responsibility! Feel free to help & remind them of their jobs, but please encourage your student to do this on their own!

Guided Reading: We will be teaching guided reading strategies to your child starting after fall break. We will work on letter recognition, letter sounds, letter formation, sight words, and reading strategies that your child will use throughout their Normal Park experience!

Centers: 5 days a week, your child will be rotating between five different center tables. They will visit the table and complete an activity according to our unit of study or weekly plans. We incorporate math, writing, creating, art, discovery, STEM, and a sorting center. Some of their work will be posted in the classroom and some will be sent home in their daily folders. We always focus on three star work!**