Ms. Kiefer

Hello!  I am Stephanie Kiefer, I am grateful for this opportunity to share my passion for learning about science with the 7th grade students of Normal Park.  My prior teaching experience includes 6 years at Ivy Academy, 2 years as an outward bound instructor, and an internship serving as an ecological tour guide in Costa Rica. I received my undergraduate degree in Environmental Science from the University of Georgia and my Masters of Education from UTC.  My preferred free time activities include exploring pristine areas with my family, gardening, and doing yoga. 
This year I am really excited to explore the carbon cycle with students; specifically, where carbon is found on this phenomenal planet and what processes move it.  We will also learn about the atmosphere, the green house effect and how human activity can affect the atmosphere & climate.  Second quarter we will dive into an exploration of matter and its interactions.  In the spring, I hope to pass you all off to Brianna Budd inspired to learn all about cells & cellular processes as well as organisms,  their organs and organ systems. 
Ms. Stephanie Kiefer
7th grade Science (interim)
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