A letter from Carrie Willmore, Principal

Normal Park Parents, 

I hope you are each well. We have been working hard to plan for the end of our school year. As many of you may have seen, the last day for virtual learning for students will be Friday, May 15th. We have many updates to share with you in order to close out this school year:

1. Virtual Celebration of Quarter 4 Learning: Exhibit Night is an important celebration of student learning which we were not able to have this last semester. However, because we believe that celebrating student learning is so important, we are planning to put together a celebration of virtual student learning from quarter 4. This will showcase some of the work your child has created during our quarter of virtual learning. We will use the platform, Padlet, to create a virtual presentation. If you do NOT want your child’s work and name showcased in this virtual celebration, please let your child’s homeroom teacher know. We will send out the link to our virtual celebration of learning on May 14th, and it will also be available via our website and social media sites. 

Students will have the opportunity to go through the presentation during a Zoom meeting with their teachers on either May 14th or 15th. We invite all parents to participate in the Zoom meeting as they review our virtual celebration of learning presentation. Teachers will send out the Zoom meeting day and time in the coming weeks. We also hope that if you are not able to join in on the Zoom call  that you will take a moment at home when you are available to sit down with your child and enjoy this presentation in order to celebrate the end of a unique quarter of learning. 

2. Locker Clean Out: We understand that students still have belongings in the classrooms and lockers at each campus. In order to clean out classrooms and lockers safely, we have scheduled times for homeroom teachers to collect the belongings of their homeroom class and bag and label them with the child’s name. We are asking that you drive through the car rider line at your respective campus at the scheduled time of your child’s homeroom teacher (seen below). The teacher will put the belongings in the trunk of your car. There will be no contact. If your child has a library book, classroom book (please label with teacher’s name) or instrument, there will be a drop of location in the car rider line for these items, so please bring those with you. Only 8th graders and students not returning to Normal Park are being asked to return Chromebooks, chargers and stylus during this time as well. If your child will need the Chromebook for summer learning please email me to arrange for a different return plan. 

If you do not feel comfortable with your child’s teacher packing up your child’s locker belongings, or if you are not available to pick up on the designated day and time, please email me, Mrs. Willmore, to schedule an alternate time to collect the belongings (willmore_c@hcde.org). 

Schedule to pick up students’ locker and classroom belongings: 


11:30 - 12:30 

3:00 - 4:00 

Monday, May 11th

Upper School


Henderson - Black


Lower School 


Upper School

J. Jorgensen 

Van Allen

Tuesday, May 12th 

Upper School




Lower School 




Upper School




Lower School 



Wednesday, May 13th 

Upper School




Lower School 





Upper School




Lower School 


Fricks (O’Brien)

Thursday, May 14th 

Upper School




Lower School 



Delaney (Livermore)

Upper School

M. Jorgensen



Lower School 


Brown (Nelson)

Friday, May 15th 

Upper School




Lower School 



Upper School




Lower School 




3. Report Cards: Report cards, honor roll certificates and Lightning List certificates will be given out at the same time you pick up locker belongings. Any report card not picked up will be mailed to your home. 

As you may have seen, grades taken during quarter 4 will only be counted in the gradebook if it helps to increase the overall grade. Students’ final grades in 3rd-8th will be calculated using only grades from semester 1 and quarter 3. For grades K-2nd, teachers will use the work provided to update performance if applicable on standards covered from previous quarters. Teachers in grade K-2 will use a parent comment form to provide feedback on performance from quarter 4. 

I want to thank each of you for the important role you have played in your child’s virtual learning. We would not have been able to get through this last quarter without the positivity and support from each of our parents. We are grateful for you. Have a nice weekend, and please reach out to me if you have any questions. 


Carrie Willmore


Normal Park Museum Magnet