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Summer Reading 2020-21

Please click on the headline above for summer reading options, including fun video read-alouds by our teachers!
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Supply Lists 2020-21

Click on the headline above for the supply list for each grade. Please consider adding disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, and/or masks to your list.
Supply Lists 2020-21 Featured Photo

Registration information for 2020-2021 school year

Returning students can register online from May 6-May 22nd. New students can register online beginning June 1st. Click on the headline above for information on registering your child for school. Steps 1, 2 and 3 MUST be completed before your child can attend school.
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Publix Rewards and You!

We need your help! Please go to and add NPMM as your school community. These funds will come directly back to Normal Park.
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Free Audible for Middle School Students

Free Audible for Middle School Students: 6th-8th grade students have the wonderful opportunity of receiving a free Audible account. A permission slip was sent home last week with your child. In order for them to participate, the permission slip must be signed and returned to school. If you did not receive the form in your child’s folder last, week, there is a permission form attached and can be printed, signed and returned in order for your 6th-8th grade child to receive the free Audible account.
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Chromebook Insurance Info

Insurance for Chromebooks can be purchased for $25 through SmartTech. You will need your child's student ID number which you can get from the school office. You will also need the serial number off the bottom of the Chromebook which is located to the left of the barcode sticker on the bottom of the Chromebook. It should start with P202. Click on the headline above for more info.
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About Us

To cultivate wisdom and citizenship in all our students - preparing them for the future and challenging them to discover themselves and the world.
To instill lifelong intellectual curiosity, sound judgment and deep understanding by building a solid educational foundation based on meaningful exploration and discovery. We shall accomplish this through collaborative partnerships with parents, museums, and the community in a unique, creative and dynamic environment.
At Normal Park, every student is valued and recognized as having great potential. We value every student's diverse background and personality - socioeconomic, cultural, learning style and interest level. Individual nurturing and differentiated instruction helps us guide students in developing responsibility for themselves and others.
When working as a whole, we build off one another, become stronger, and make magic. This belief extends from students to teachers to parents to our community.
Our creativity fosters dynamic learning environments, innovation, authentic learning, motivation, and enjoyment. It leads us to experiment and stay curious, to demonstrate and exhibit, and to do the most with what we have.
It's the foundation of our curriculum. By creating environments that promote meaningful exploration and discovery, we facilitate engaging instruction which fosters a joy of learning and deep understanding of subjects.
Genuine enthusiasm for academic study, understanding and achievement is cherished at Normal Park. We strive to instill this passion in our students by paving a concrete academic foundation, setting high educational goals and celebrating their intellectual journey.
Through diligent effort, Normal Park has achieved great success. Still, we believe the best is yet to come. This outlook drives our confidence in our students and staff. It energizes us to lead, be progressive, work hard, and enjoy our efforts. Our hopeful nature is infectious and inspirational and makes our entire community stronger.